One CV; Many Job Opportunities

A person enjoys a comfortable lifestyle only if he has a stable job. While there are many benefits associated with a stable job, getting one is not as easy as it seems. Most of the time either the qualifications or skills do not match the requirement or people do not apply for a job because the requirements were not well defined. My Credentials is a platform that bridges a gap between people and their dream job, through searching and finding the most suitable job by sharing the CVs through a common digital portal.

Most of the time, aspirants are busy changing their CVs according to the job. They think that this would increase their chances of selection; however, it is not always true. Changing the CV every time might result in many discrepancies. There are chances that important information or experience is left out while creating a CV. Sharing incomplete CVs or related documents would only reduce the chances of getting selected.

For this purpose, it is important to have a standard CV that could help you grab many job opportunities at once. If you were looking for a helping hand that can help you prepare a CV and share it with A-Grade companies in Nigeria, your search ends here. Uploading your CV to MyCredentials Jobs gives you a competitive edge in the labor market. They have designed a system that will allow you, the job seeker, apply to many prospective companies all with one click. You can find and apply to mycredentials jobs today. Missing an opportunity in this competitive world is not something one would celebrate.

My Credentials have made it easy for job seekers to now share their CVs without just waiting for job vacancies. In the case of vacancies, HR managers and Recruitment agencies give utmost priority to previous CVs sent in to their email boxes. The company screens for all the required information from your stored credentials and matches it with the requirements as presented by the organizations offering a job. Particularly in Nigeria, the aspirants must submit their electronic certificates and credentials to apply for a job.

About My Credentials: This is an online platform created for aspirants looking for a job in Nigeria. The system works on the principles of Artificial Intelligence. It automatically brings out job opportunities that match your skills and credentials.

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