Unsolicited CV Distribution; Do they still work?

Sometimes a job is not announced, or sometimes the vacancy is advertised privately, but no one can apply. Nowadays, people can search for an appointment online. But a person must find and apply for my credentials jobs.

Using My Credentials Jobs

Most times a company is going to announce available vacancies and in some other cases, they don’t. If an individual possesses required  qualifications, publicized vacancies are opened for application, and in instances where vacancies are not published, an unsolicited approach is applicable

Several platforms can be used to find available job vacancies. Job Opportunities are advertised, and job seekers can upload their CV/resume. However, Mycredentials jobs uses uploaded resume to match available job opportunities which meets the company’s requirement.


Typically, a company seeks certain requirements from a potential employee which are mostly stated in the vacancy adverts. Individuals who meet these requirements can conveniently find and apply to these available opportunities, which would be scrutinized in accordance with the employment requirement as stated in the application.

Mycredentials jobs provides a platform where applicants can create profiles, upload their CVS and valid credentials to be matched against available job opportunities across the nation. The platform allows uploaded credentials to be paired against listed job opportunities. Through matched opportunities, applicants can find and apply for any of the available positions through Mycredentials jobs platform.

Where Can Unsoliticited CV Distribution Work?

 Unsoliticitated CV distribution would work in cases where there is no visible advert or publicity on an available job vacancy in any establishment or business organization. In such instances, CVs can still be submitted in anticipation or possibility of a vacancy opening up.

Mycredentials jobs proffers unsolicited job submissions for its users. Using uploaded credentials and CVs, opportunities are matched and job submissions are made to organizations which have not publicized their vacancies yet, on behalf of the user.

CV Distribution and Sharing In Nigeria

There are several platforms that a person can use and apply in Nigeria. A perfect structure for the CV that is acceptable in Nigeria must include the things written below:

  • Personal Details.
    • Work Experience.
    • Education.
    • Interests and Abilities
    • Reference

There are many platforms where a person can make a CV and send it to many employers if there is no job announcement. It is beneficial for those who are job seeker. 

In conclusion, Unsolicited CV distribution still works.