Digital Credentials Sharing in Nigeria

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Digital credentials sharing in Nigeria is a novel concept, which is growing with each passing day. is an innovative firm that takes credential sharing to the next step by offering its clients multiple methods to share their academic credentials with anyone they feel fit. With, you can share your academic content with anyone, anywhere in the world. Our credential storage services are highly acclaimed across Nigeria. The addition of the amazing credentials box mail in Nigeria and credential sharing services have increased the quality of’s product further.

How Does Credential Sharing Work? has a complete, easy to follow, and highly secure procedure for credentials sharing in Nigeria. The following steps are followed by our users to avail these services:

  1. Each academic content holder gains an electronic vault or electronic storage on our platform to easily save and share their academic credentials. The content holder has two options to upload their academic credentials: holder upload and issuer upload.
  2. Holder upload allows the academic content holder to upload their academic credentials manually. Before you can share your academic credentials, they are verified by from the respective institutions and organizations that have issued the academic content. Such an approach allows to ensure credentials sharing in Nigeria to be genuine and avoid any embezzlement in the job market.
  3. The second option for credential sharing in Nigeria includes the holder requesting their issuer institution or organization to upload their academic content directly. In this case, you can share your academic credentials without verification because the credentials are already verified.

What happens after credentials upload?

Once the credentials are uploaded and verified, our superior AI technology works on the academic transcripts, degrees, and professional certificates to create digital copies of your content. This procedure helps credentials sharing in three main ways:

  1. The digital copies you receive have a social share option. You can share your credentials box mail in Nigeria with anyone, both at home and abroad. Furthermore, the same, verified digital copies can be shared to any social media platform. This feature has made credentials sharing in Nigeria, both domestically and abroad, highly efficient.
  2. Our AI systems also try to find opportunities for you to share your academic credentials. There are numerous jobs, scholarships, and educational opportunities posted on our platform. After reading the academic content, our digital systems try to match these details with the best available opportunities. If a match is found, the content holder can easily share their details and credentials to the matched opportunity.
  3. We offer numerous services to ease the process of credentials sharing in Nigeria. These services not only help you to share your academic credentials, but they also ensure the security and safety of your academic data. 

What are special services offered to share academic credentials? is committed to improving the credentials sharing opportunities in Nigeria. As a result, our superior team has developed multiple methods that easily allow the academic content holder to share their academic content. These holder services include, but are not limited to:

  1. The ability to use Credentials Self Storage service. This service acts as an online database for your academic credentials, providing an easy and efficient way to manage and share your academic credentials. No matter where you are around the world, you can access this storage to download or share your verified academic transcripts. No need to carry a complete briefcase with your original academic content! Just take out your phone, log-in to and share your academic credentials with everyone.
  2. Credentials Box Mail in Nigeria is a revolutionary service that has succeeded in bringing to Nigeria. Here, a dedicated email address is given to the academic content holders to allow safe credentials sharing in Nigeria. Any attachments sent or received in this credentials box mail in Nigeria becomes an automatic part of your academic database and is added to your profile. Additionally, any mail sent out from this mailbox has a link to your academic profile, allowing you to share your academic content easily. 
  3. The issuers can also enjoy the benefits of the credentials box mail in Nigeria. In this case, verified sources sending you academic content can directly add such content to your profile. An added benefit here is the customized box number, which increases the service’s appeal to our users. Isn’t it the best credentials sharing in Nigeria?

What other benefits do you gain by using

We understand that multiple other services are also required by our users, along with credentials sharing in Nigeria. Apart from allowing you to share your academic credentials, offers numerous other services as well:

  1. You can use the Credentials Self Verification service to verify your credentials yourself. It helps the credentials holder to individually verify their credentials without feeling the stress to verify all the credentials at the same time.
  2. Have you misplaced one of your academic credentials? Don’t worry; we are there for your help. Credentials collection is a revolutionary service brought by my for its customers. Here, the users can provide us with the specifics of their credentials, such as their name, graduating year, and institution name. Our efficient team gets to work and retrieves your academic credentials to ensure that you can enjoy complete credentials sharing in Nigeria.


All these services are revolutionary and set apart from any competing firm in the market. Credentials sharing in Nigeria is now extremely easy and can be done from the easy of your armchair. All you need to do is sign up, be a part of, and share your academic credentials with anyone.