List of Colleges of education in Nigeria

NCCE was established by Decree 13 of 1989 to supervise all aspects of non-degree teacher education and teacher professionalism in Nigeria.

Below are the list of Colleges of Education in Nigeria that National Commission for Colleges of Education has published the full list, the list published include the federal, state and private Colleges of Education and polytechnics that offers NCE programmes.

1Federal College of Education (Technical), AsabaAsaba, Delta State.Federal
2Federal College of Education, KanoKano City, Kano State.Federal
3Federal College of Education (Special), OyoOyo, Oyo State.Federal
4Federal College of Education, AbeokutaAbeokuta, Ogun StateFederal
5Federal College of Education, Eha-AmufuEha Amufu, Enugu State.Federal
6Federal College of Education (Technical), GombeGombe, Gombe State.Federal
7Federal College of Education, KontagoraKontagora, Niger State.Federal
8Federal College of Education, OkeneOkene, Kogi State.Federal
9Federal College of Education (Technical), OmokuOMoku, Rivers State.Federal
10Federal College of Education (Tech), PotiskumPotiskum, Yobe StateFederal
11Alvan Ikoku College of Education, OwerriOwerri, Imo State.Federal
12Federal College of Education (Technical), AkokaAkoka, Lagos State.Federal
13Federal College of Education (Technical), BichiBichi, Kano StateFederal
14Federal College of Education (Technical), GusauGusau, Zamfara State.Federal
15Federal College of Education, KatsinaKatsina, Katsina State.Federal
16Federal College of Education, ObuduObudu, Cross River State.Federal
17Adeyemi College of Education, OndoOndo, Ondo State.Federal
18Federal College of Education, PankshinPankshin, Plateau State.Federal
19Federal College of Education, YolaYola, Adamawa State.Federal
20Federal College of Education, Zaria10.Zaria, Kaduna State.Federal
21Nigerian Army School of Education (NASE), IlorinIlorin, Kwara State.Federal
22Federal College of Education (T), UmunzeUmunzeFederal
1College of Education, GindiriGindiri, Plateau State.State
2Adamawa State College of Education, HongYola, Adamawa State.State
3Tai Solarin College of Education, Ijebu-OdeIjebu-Ode, Ogun State.State
4College of Education, Ikere-EkitiIkere-Ekiti, Ekiti State.State
5Ebonyi State College of Education, IkwoIkwo, Ebonyi State.State
6College of Education, WarriEdjeba Road, Warri, Delta StatState
7FCT College of Education, ZubaZuba, Garki, FCT Abuja.State
8Osisatech College of Education, EnuguEnugu, Enugu State.State
9Nasarrawa State College of Education, AkwangaAkwanga, Nassarawa State.State
10Isa Kaita College of Education, Dutsin-MaDutsin-Ma, Katsina State.State
11College of Education, Ekiadolor-BeninEkiadolor-Benin, Edo StateState
12College of Education, Gashua, DamaturuGashua, Yobe state.State
13Kaduna State College of Education, Gidan-Waya, KafanchanKafanchan, Kaduna State.State
14Osun State College of Education, IlesaIlesa, Osun State.State
15Kwara State College of Education, IlorinIlorin, Kwara State.State
16Kwara State College of EducationOro, Kwara State.State
17College of Education, katsina-AlaKatsina-Ala, Benue State.State
18Sa’adatu Rimi College of Education, Kumbotso, KanoKumbotso, Kano State.State
19College of Education (Technical), LafiagiLafiagi, Kwara State.State
20Nwafor Orizu College of Education, NsugbeNsugbe, Anambra State.State
21Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education, Otto/IjanikinOtto/Ijanikin, Lagos State.State
22Emmanuel Alayande College of Education (EACOED), OyoOyo, Oyo State.State
23College of Education, BilliriWaka BIU, Borno State.State
24Delta State College of Education, AgborAgbor, Delta StateState
25Akwa Ibom State College of Education, AfahansitAfahansit, Akwa Ibom State.State
26Kogi State College of Education, AnkpaAnkpa, Kogi state.State
27Adamu Augie College of Education, ArgunguArgungu, Kebbi State.State
28College of Education, AzareAzare, Bauchi StateState
29Umar Ibn Ibrahim El-Kanemi College of Education, Science and Technology, BamaBama, Borno State.State
30College of Education, JalingoJalingo, Taraba State.State
31Zamfara State College of Education, MaruMaru, Zamfara State.State
32Jigawa State College of Education, GumelGumel, Jigawa State.State
33Niger State College of Education, MinnaMinna, Niger State.State
34Rivers College of Education, RumuolumeniPort-harcourt, Rivers State.State
35Shehu shagari College of Education, SokotoSokoto, Sokoto State.State
35Jama’Atu College of Education (JACE), KadunaKaduna, Kaduna State.State
36College of Education, Arochukwu, AbiaArochukwu Abia StateState
37College of Education, Ila-Orangun, Osun StateIla-Orangun, Osun StateState
38Michael Otedola Coll. of Prim. Education, LagosNoforija-Epe LagosState
39Kashim Ibrahim College of Educ., MaiduguriState
40Delta State Coll. of Physical Education, MosogarMosogar, Sapele, Delta StateState
41Enugu State Coll. of Education (T), EnuguAbakaliki Road, Enugu StateState
42Cross River State Coll. of Education, AkampaAkampa, Calabar, Cross River SState
43Edo State College of Education, IguebenIgueben, Edo StateState
44Isaac Jasper Boro COE, SagbamaSagbama, Yenogoa, Bayelsa StatState
45Kogi State College of Education, KabbaKabba, Kogi StateState
46College of Education, ZingJalingo, TarabaState
47College of Education OjuOjuotukpoState
48College of Education KangareKangare, BauchiState
49Jigawa State College of Education and legal studies RingimRingimState
50Kano State College of Education and Pleliminary Studies, KanoState
51College of Education, Lanlate, Oyo StateState
52College of Education Waka Biu, Borno StateState
1Institute of Ecumenical Education, (Thinkers Corner), EnuguEnugu, Enugu State.Private
2Delar College of EducationAgodi Gate, Ibadan, Oyo StatePrivate
3City College of Education, Mararaba, GurkuMararaba, Gurku, Nasarawa StatPrivate
4Ansar-Ud-Deen College of Education, IsoloOshodi, Isolo, Lagos State.Private
5Yewa Central College of Education, AyetoroAyetoro, Ogun State.Private
6OSISA Tech. Coll. of Education, EnuguEnugu, Enugu StatePrivate
7St. Augustine Coll. of Education, LagosAkoka, LagosPrivate
8African Thinkers Community of Inquiry, EnuguEnugu, Enugu StatePrivate
9Muftau Olanihun College of Education, IbadanIbadanPrivate
10Havard Wilson College of Education, AbaAba, Abia State StatePrivate
11Muhyideen College of Education, IlorinIlorinPrivate
12College of Education, OffaOffa, Kwara StatePrivate
13Bauchi Institute of Arabic & Islamic Studies, BauchiBauchiPrivate
14Corner Stone College of Education, lagosUnilag, LagosPrivate
15Peaceland College of Education, EnuguEnuguPrivate
16The College of Education, NsukkaEnuguPrivate
17Unity College of Education, Auka Adoka, BenueOtikpoPrivate
18Diamond College of Education, AbaAbaPrivate
19Kinsey College of Education, Ilorin, Kwara StateIlorinPrivate
20ECWA College of Education, Jos (ECOEJ)JosPrivate
21St. Augustine College of Education (Project Time), LagosYaba, Lagos State.Private
22Festmed College of Education, Ondo StatePrivate
23Bethel COE Ijare, OndoPrivate
24Steady Flow COE, IkomPrivate
25COE Ipere Nassarawa StatePrivate
26AL Hikma College of Education, AnkpaPrivate
26Global COE, BurukuPrivate
27Kwararafa COE, OtukpoPrivate
28Lessel COE Gboko, Benue StatePrivate
29Bayo Tijani COE, Lagos statePrivate
30Upland COE Badagry, Lagos statePrivate
31ECWA COE Igbaja, Kwara StatePrivate
32PAN African COE Ikom Kwara StatePrivate
33Corona COE Lekki Lagos StatePrivate
34College of Education OjuotukpoPrivate
35EEICOE Otukpo Benue StatePrivate
36Sinai COE & Ent. Studies Gboko, BenuePrivate
37Isaac Jasper Boro COE,Sagbama YenaqoaPrivate
38Oswald Waller COE Lifidi, PlateauPrivate
39MCF COE Agbarha-Otor, DeltaPrivate
40Assanusiya COE, Odeomu, OsunPrivate
41COE, Ero, AkurePrivate
42Calvin Foundation COEPrivate
43Best Legacy COE OgbomosoPrivate
44Angel Crown COEPrivate
45Elder Oyama Memorial COE, OfatPrivate
46COE, Moro, Ife-NorthPrivate
47Royal City COE, Iyesi-OtaPrivate
48ONIT COE, AbaganaPrivate
49Nana Aishat Memorial COEPrivate
50Top-Most COE, Ipaja-AgbadoPrivate
51Apa COE, AidoPrivate
52Awori District COEPrivate
53Hill COE, Gwanje, Akwanga NasarawaPrivate
54Murtadha COE, Olodo, IbandanPrivate
55Islamic COE, PositiskumPrivate
56Royal COE, Ikeja, Lagos StatePrivate
57Ipere COE, AgyaraguPrivate
58Baba Maiyaki COE, Kogi StatePrivate
59Piaget College of Education AbeokutaPrivate
60Biga College of EducationPrivate
61Al-Ibadan COEPrivate
62College of Education, KuraPrivate
63Sunnah College of EducationPrivate
64Oswald Waller COE ShendamPrivate
65Imam Saidu COE, FuntuaPrivate
66Imam Saidu COE, FuntuaPrivate
67Ameenudeen College of Education, KanoPrivate
68Bogoro College of EducationBogoro, BauchiPrivate
69Adesina College of Education, Share, Kwara StatePrivate
70Covenant College of Education (CCOE) AbaPrivate
71Bilyaminu Othman COE, DassPrivate
72Jigawa State College of Education and Legal Studies, RingimPrivate
73Crestfield College of Education OsunPrivate
74Grace College of Education OshogboPrivate
75The African Church College of Education Lagos StatePrivate
1The Polytechnic Iree, Osun Statepolytechnics offering NCE Programme
2Hassan Usman Katsina Polytechnic. Kastinapolytechnics offering NCE Programme
3Plateau State Polytechnic Barkin Ladipolytechnics offering NCE Programme
4Kano State Polytechnic Kano Statepolytechnics offering NCE Programme
5Waziri Umaru Federal Polytechnic Birnin Kebbipolytechnics offering NCE Programme
6Ramat Polytechnic Maiduguripolytechnics offering NCE Programme
7Kaduna Polytechnics Kaduna Statepolytechnics offering NCE Programme
8Abubakar Tatari Polytechnic Bauchipolytechnics offering NCE Programme
9Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic Zariapolytechnics offering NCE Programme

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