List Of Credentials Evaluations Companies In Africa.

Do you have a foreign credential from anywhere in the world? Do you plan to Migrate to or further your education in any African country? Credential evaluation is important to enable you to transition smoothly, making it easier for universities, and employers in the African country to understand your foreign educational background, to focus attention, and clarify outcomes.

Here are a list of few evaluation organizations in Africa.

Credentials Evaluations Companies In AfricaCountry
Electonic Transcript Exchange Nigeria (ETX-NG) Nigeria
National Accreditation BaoardGhana
Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency Ethopia
Republic Of Rwanda Higher Education CouncilRwanda
Federal Ministry Of Education Nigeria
South African Qualifications AuthoritySouth Africa

 ETX-NG provides the best Evaluation service in Nigeria. We verify the authenticity and gives the indebt breakdown equivalence of any academic credentials receive from abroad.

Our Evaluation services go beyond verifying the authenticity of the credentials and generating evaluation reports but also offer the option of storing your verified documents thereby making it easier for you to further your education or even seek employment in reputable organizations in Nigeria without having to repeat the evaluation process. If you think you need to store your documents for ready access, you may want to explore our storage service.

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